At The Movies

Join us this July for “At The Movies!” We’ll relive scenes from some of the blockbuster favorites as Pastor Philip draws out Biblical truth that can be applied to the ups and downs of life on our journey to know, love and follow Jesus. So join us at our campus, grab some popcorn and tune into the message God has for you this summer through some of today’s most popular films. 


“At the Movies” is a two week series where our pastor use some of Hollywood’s biggest films to illustrate biblical truths. To sum it up – you get to watch blockbuster movies at church – for FREE! Our worship team takes a break during “At the Movies,” but you’ll see many of them serving as you get your popcorn, movie candy and favorite soft drink before heading into the auditorium to grab a seat.  Once you head into the auditorium, you’ll enjoy an hour long version of a movie that has been shortened for both length and content. During the film, you’ll see our pastors pop in and out as they share biblical truths that are both relevant and applicable to the issues we face in our culture today.

Since it began, “At the Movies” has become one of the biggest invite opportunities during the year. It creates a dynamic, easy opportunity to invite someone to church. After all, who can turn down a free movie with $1 concessions? So whether it will be your first time to join us “At the Movies,” or you’ve had this marked on the calendar for months, invite a friend, and we can’t wait to see you “At the Movies!”


July 22 – Woodlawn

July 29 – The Impossible



From your Sunday morning best to jeans and flip flops, there is only one dress code at Venture … wear what feels comfortable.