CJC Missions

Christ Jesus Church recent Mission Trip to Dominican Republic was a life changing experience. While we were there,

  1. We built a restroom for the Co-Pastor of a very small church in a poor neighborhood. These wonderful people were deeply touched with tender and hard work done by CJC team. This restroom is now available for a church and to the small community.
  2. The CJC team distributed groceries for many less fortunate individuals and families.
  3. We prayed and provided groceries to the widows of the town of Sanchez. The grocery distribution included food to feed their family for approximately two weeks.
  4. Our team had a life changing experience during our home visits where we hand delivered groceries, prayed and sang with the elderly and disabled.
  5. We held several services with local churches and community. Many souls in these meetings were saved and healed by the Power of Holy Spirit and in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

If you want to be a part of our next mission trip, please contact us postmaster@cjclife.com. If you are interested in supporting by donating to this wonderful cause, you are able to be our hands and feet to make this happen. Please Donate

We thank you for your support through prayers and any monetary donation, as this is reaching hundreds of people miles and miles away.

Campus Contact Person:

Pastor Aurelio Doris De La Cruz

PH# 210.430.7383

Thanks for your support.

Dominican Republic

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