Legacy Partner

Dear Legacy Partner,

CJCLife is called to pursue the mission of aid through a genuine commitment of transforming development talent into community-based and sustainable projects all geared towards the focused needs of its surroundings. Our merit of care prompts us to nurture areas within the world that are looking for Jesus and seek to change obstacles, which affect the poor spiritually and socially.

In India CJCLife has created the opportunity for 1600 souls to accept a new and genuine relationship with Jesus. The launch of CJCIndia has the opportunity for new Muslim families to trust and commit to learning more about Jesus. Our training protocol has also casted a fresh new education of 150 plus pastors in leadership and pastoral development.

In the Dominican Republic we have been able to engage in cultural activity, while unpacking the truth with locals that Christ redeems through teaching and following Him. We were able to feed the less fortunate and provide school supplies to children. 

In Kenya 70 pastors received leadership and pastoral training along with introducing 650 souls to Christ. We were also able to lend a hand to local churches as they reached un-reachable in remote villages.

Given the grand demand for help we have fine-tuned our wherewithal in identifying, mobilizing, training, resources within the community we feel led to cultivate. CJCLife sees people and communities to be full of potential and promise as one of our responsibilities to look for resources and solutions within the individuals or community they are from.

We build relationships among local individuals and institutions to bring about interconnected and complementary changes to identified needs. Thank you for helping us make a difference in the world as legacy members. 


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